'I had rather die in the adventure of noble achievements, than live in obscure and sluggish security'.
- Margaret Cavendish


You have followed your heart and made the first empowered move to finding your inner guiding star!


You are here because you feel like :

  • There is a sense of not being fully engaged in the life you truly envisage.

  • You have dreams and desires but they are not being fullfilled.

  • Everything seems boringly predictable and you feel trapped.

  • You can no longer feel your inner spark strongly enough to ignite the action for the steps forward.

  • You have lost your sense of direction but know you want to find your way to an authentic version of freedom.


Deep down you know that life holds so much more potential than you are currently allowing to manifest but thoughts of change signal fear and possible failure.


What are you actually waiting for?

You hold the key to an incredible inner power, one that can unlock the all the pathways to the destination of your choice!


How do I know this?
Because I have been there, in that muddy, murky quicksand, numerous times in my life. On multiple occassions, when faced with seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, I had to embrace radical change and learn to trust myself fully.

The biggest thing I learnt was the 'Art of Transition', to let go of what no longer served me and to open up to wholehearted self belief.


I learnt from these experiences how to always follow my dream and create the life I wanted, even when it seemed impossible.


That is why my lifes work has been dedicated to empowering women like you to:

  • Reconnect and redefine your self concept.

  • Truly feel your inner self love and compassion.

  • Ensure your future is not marred by regrets and disappointmnet.

  • Bring those backburner ideas to the foreground.

  • Turn that wishful thinking into a solid reality.

I can help you move forward towards a life that is aligned and consistent with your values, dreams and aspirations. A place that feels like you are flourishing, contented and have arrived at your chosen destination.

carole staggSo hello and welcome to my website, I am Carole Stagg, a Positive Psychologist, Coach, Speaker and Author. I have had lots of other roles in life too, so whether I work 1-1 with you or in groups, I bring a wealth of lived experience and wisdom. My commitment to you is unwavering and the journey towards your transition will be illuminating and productive. I will show up 100% to support your personal evoloution.

My passion is to help women like you, move from the wilderness to the Wilder-Ness. Lets get started, shall we, because the the time is now.


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